Gold Flakes


Turn an everyday dish into a masterpiece and create a grand experience with our edible 23.75K Gold Flakes. Previously only accessible by culinary professionals, edible gold is now available to all chefs who wish to add a dash of magic to their dishes. Edible gold is perfect for decorating food, beverages, and desserts for birthdays, weddings, and any other occasions to create truly stunning presentations.

Our Gold Flakes are made from 23.75K Gold Leaf. We are registered with the FDA. You can view our Certificate of Registration through this link.

We offer 2 edible 23.75K gold leaf products, gold leaf and gold flakes. Edible gold should not come into contact with steam or humidity. Keep in a dry place and do not touch with fingers or hands. The product has no expiration. All 23.75K gold products can be heated up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit without affecting the shine or shape.

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